Oral care is essential to good health. In addition to daily hygiene practices, you should see your dentist regularly. It’s highly recommended that people should visit their primary dentist at least twice a year. Here are reasons why those visits are important.


When decay happens on a tooth, it’s called a cavity. Cavities can happen due to a lack of brushing and flossing. However, it also is caused by various practices, such as the type of food you eat and drink. Too much sugar is often the main culprit. If a cavity is caught early enough, your dentist can intervene by using sealants or removing the decay and using a filling. However, if the cavity worsens and goes down to the root, you may need a more expensive and extensive root canal. The root canal is the last step before tooth extraction if the tooth becomes severely decayed.

Gum Disease

According to the WHO, 3.5 billion people worldwide have some type of oral disease. In the United States, gum disease is more common than people realize. The first signs usually include swollen gums and some bleeding. However, if it goes untreated, it can worsen to the point where teeth begin to loosen, and it can eventually result in tooth loss. However, gum disease is highly preventable with regular oral hygiene and checkups from your dentist. They can look for signs of gum disease and help you with the right level of intervention.


A smile is often the first thing people notice. While healthy teeth and gums should be your priority, however, some dentists can also help you with how they look aesthetically. After all, a beautiful white smile can open doors for you in terms of employment, socialization, and romance. It can also help your confidence levels, as you may not want to smile if you feel insecure about your teeth. A cosmetic dentist can whiten your teeth as much as eight shades brighter in a one-hour session. These are some reasons why you should always schedule your biannual trips to your local dentist. Now that 2024 is here, if you haven’t scheduled your first dental appointment, you should do so soon. At Encino, we’re proud to offer general and cosmetic services. Call us today for an appointment so we can check your mouth for any lingering issues and help make cosmetic updates such as whitening.

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