Most people head to the dentist once a year for an annual checkup. A professional will clean and floss the teeth, leaving them pearly white. A careful examination will help them determine if there are any concerns, like potential cavities or tooth decay. However, there are quite a few myths regarding these professional dentists we need to debunk.

1. Tooth Decay Doesn’t Happen

Many people believe things like brushing their teeth can hurt the enamel, which causes tooth decay, so they think it won’t happen to them. While brushing too hard can damage teeth, it rarely causes tooth decay. Improper oral hygiene and an unhealthy diet are the main culprits and a dentist can help address this problem. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, almost 90% of people nationwide aged 20-64 have had tooth decay.

2. Recommend The Most Expensive Procedure

Another common myth is that dentists will recommend the most expensive procedure because they want to make more money. However, this is far from true. Instead, your dentist will carefully consider all available options to provide your needed treatment. Then, they will work with you to determine the best option. More expensive options, like braces, usually require a referral to an orthodontist.

3. Yearly Checkups Are Pointless

There are a lot of people who think you should only head to the dentist when you experience a toothache. However, yearly checkups are essential, especially for children. These checkups involve thoroughly cleaning and inspecting the teeth. A dentist can help you if you need help with good oral hygiene habits, such as adopting a better cleaning routine. They can also monitor specific issues, such as if your child’s teeth are growing crooked.

4. Dentists Only Deal With Teeth

Dentists do address teeth and tooth problems and also work hard to protect your teeth. However, that’s not all they do. A dentist can also inspect the gums and treat gum disease. They can ensure your child’s tongue moves appropriately because it can cause a speech delay if it doesn’t. These professionals can also make a referral to help treat bone misalignments. They address everything that goes on inside your mouth. These professionals work hard to help you enjoy the best oral hygiene possible. They can address many issues inside your mouth, including gum disease and jaw misalignment. Contact Encino Friendly Dental Center when you need to schedule a yearly checkup.

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