dental implant
Dental implants are a popular solution to severe tooth-related problems. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, more than 150 million Americans are missing one or more teeth. Due to this, many people have turned to implants. The success of dental implants is dependent upon the care they receive after the procedure is completed. Here are a few tips on how to properly maintain your dental implant.

1. Keep Your Regular Dental Appointments

Just because you may not have all natural teeth, doesn’t mean you can skip dental appointments. In fact, dental appointments are very important for those who’ve completed a dental implant procedure. Your implants will receive routine cleaning in the way that natural teeth would. Your dentist will also examine your mouth, gums, and jaws to ensure that the entire mouth is healthy and handling the implants well.

2. Brush Your Teeth

Although implants aren’t natural teeth and can’t experience decay, you need to be aware that your gums are still at risk of gum disease just like if you had natural teeth. It’s imperative that you brush your teeth regularly just as you would with natural teeth.

3. Floss Once a Day

Similarly to brushing your teeth, you can’t avoid flossing either. Flossing is especially important in order to fight off gum disease and to ensure that your gums stay healthy. Gums can become extra sensitive after dental implant procedures, so you need to pay special attention to your gum health and any changes in your gums.

4. Use Mouth Wash

It’s also advisable to use a mouth rinse in order to fight the build-up of bacteria in the mouth. This can reduce the risk of implant infections. Your dentist should recommend a mouth wash that would work best for you.

5. Stay Away From Smoking

If you smoke, you should quit smoking to protect your implants and gums. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. Smoking can have a negative effect on your implant recovery. Smoking slows down the body’s natural ability to heal. There is a recovery period following dental implant surgery and you don’t want anything to complicate this process. These are just a few things to know about dental implants. If you’d like to learn more about this procedure, or if you’re looking for a dental facility that provides dental implants, please call Encino Friendly Dental Center today. We are here for your dental needs!

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